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Aqva Lvce is made with a recipe of 12 botanicals, distilled in a pair of old 100-liter copper 1947 alembics. The recipe includes the likes of cumin, hops, laurel, coriander, caraway and the vital juniper (among others), which are allowed to infuse into the spirit for 15 days at room temperature before distillation. A similar process takes place for other botanicals except for hops, laurel and cumin, which are distilled with the technique of low boiling distillation, through which some pigments present in the botanicals can also be extracted. The product is then stripped three times in order to dissolve the aromatic intensity of the distillate. Not only is the bottle wonderfully ornate, the label also features a blowfish wearing a top hat, which is not something you see every day.Tasting Note: Floral hint of angelica and spring blossom arrive first, followed by bright hints of hoppy bitterness and spicy juniper. Subtly earthy richness lingers.
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